General Guidelines:

  • All retreat groups MUST be registered online by the Church priest or an approved chaperone, without exceptions.
  • All groups must have a priest or an adult chaperone 30 years old or older. Chaperones are expected to maintain discipline of their group to ensure a safe retreat experience for everyone using the facility.
  • $30 Donation Fee a night per participant for room accommodation only. Must be a part of a group that is approved by the priest of the visiting church.
  • When the reservation is approved, a 50% down payment of the total Donation Fee per group is needed. Payment in full is then due two weeks before your scheduled retreat's first day. Please make payment via the Church's PayPal.
  • If payment is not made in full two weeks prior to the booked date the reservation will be cancelled.
  • In addition to the Donation Fee, a separate refundable “Security Deposit” of three hundred dollars ($300) is required to reserve the Property. The Property will be carefully inspected upon Guest’s departure. Upon satisfactory inspection of the Premises, the Security Deposit will be released to Guest LESS any expenses for damages to the Property, missing items, unpaid Rental Fees, Cleaning Fees, or Deep Cleaning Fees.
  • Please bring the Holy Bible and the Agpeya.


  • Please respect the rooming assignments and only sleep in your designated room.
  • Occupants will be held financially responsible for any damages to the room occupied.
  • No males or females will be allowed to visit each other’s rooms.
  • Guests are responsible for leaving the Retreat Center in excellent condition. Please help keep the grounds clean and beautiful by not littering.
  • Christian behavior is expected from each guest. Inappropriate language and gestures are unacceptable.

Adhering to the above expectations will maximize the enjoyment and benefit for everyone participating in the retreat. Failure to adhere to the above guidelines may result in your immediate removal from the center and/or being allowed to return to a subsequent visits.